Robotic Cats & Dogs Bringing Comfort to OC Senior Citizens

Photo: Getty Images

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a difficult couple of months for everyone, but especially for older individuals. Older people suffered through loneliness and depression due to the isolation the pandemic brought. For many older individuals living in assisted living facilities, this loneliness was very evident and something had to be done to help them get through this tough time.

At the Amazing Grace & Care assisted living facility in Fullerton came up with a great idea to help their occupants that were dealing with loneliness and depression - robotic pets!

Robotic cats and dogs have been bringing comfort to many of these individuals. The Council on Aging-Southern California saw the potential of these robotic pets and purchased 200 to help these older individuals cope with things they are dealing with. A few weeks ago, an individual with Council of Aging came across the website, Joy For All Companion Pets and they went forward with getting these robotic animals to help the people living in these assisted living facilities cope.

Officials saw the potential of these robotic animals providing comfort to the elderly and jumped at the opportunity. The Council of Aging used some money they were awarded by the CARES ACT to purchase these robotic cats and dogs. They cost about $110 to $120 each.

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