Viral Video Shows Four-Year-Old Excitedly Running Towards Michael Myers

All little girls have that one fictional character they just LOVE.

It could be a Disney princess, an actor on their favorite show...or if you're anything like four-year-old Aria Alvarado, it's a knife-wielding murderer.

According to Aria's mother Rose, the little girl absolutely loves horror icon Michael Myers.

Rose posted a video of Aria celebrating her birthday with her family in West Covina when the "Halloween" theme music begins to play.

Immediately, Aria begins looking for Myers and when she eventually spots him across the lot, she yells that she loves him and runs over to him.

Rose says she and her husband planned the Halloween themed birthday party to celebrate her daughter's love of spooky things.

Her husband put on the blue boiler suit and iconic mask to surprise Aria and clearly, she loved it!

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