Macho Sets Guinness World Record at Dodger Stadium

Macho, Macho, Macho dog...he has to be a Macho dog! WOW! "Macho" the 9 inch /10lb Russell Terrier became the fastest dog ever to run the bases at a Major League Baseball stadium. Macho took those bases like a pro and clocked a Guinness World Record of 21.06 seconds at Dodger Stadium on Friday, Sept. 24.

Lucy Pet Products President Joey Herrick loves world records and actually has one for the heaviest Rose Parade float. Herrick came up with the idea for Macho to break this GWR.

Herrick told the Daily News

“I have tried it before, and we could never, throughout the years, we could never get a dog to run the bases,” Herrick said. “They would hit first, then hit second, they’re doing good, and all of a sudden, BOOM, they hit third, and they’re off to someplace else. “

Macho is no stranger to winning, he won two national dock-diving championships and a competitive barn hunt dog champion.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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