Father & Daughter Drive RV filled with donations to Camp Fire victims

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14,000 Homes were destroyed in the largest wildfire in California history that left 50,000 residents homeless. RV4CampfireFamily provides housing to displaced Paradise families who lost their homes in the Campfire by connecting RV donors and eligible families. Woody Faircloth joins Gary and Shannon to talk about how he and his daughter started this amazing organization to help others.

For more info check out their website - RV4CampfireFamily, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

Faircloth, a father of four, is spending Thanksgiving driving from Denver out to Chico, California in an RV filled with items to donate, including the actual RV. And his young daughter is joining him. “We were watching some of what’s going on out there and talking about what if that was us and what would we do,” he said. “And I told (my daughter) what the idea was and she was 100 percent on board. She said, ‘God and Santa Claus would be really proud of us for this.’” He set up a GoFundMe, which Denver7 has verified, on Saturday asking for donations to help pay for a RV, which he would drive to California and give to a family in need. The funds will also help pay for donations for him to give out in California, he said. He said he hopes to give the RV to a first responder whose home was lost in the blaze.

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