Biden's Border Chaos

The Biden Administration is getting absolutely pummeled over his border fiasco. DHS Sec. Mayorkas must be in serious regret about taking the gig. Mayorkas is indignant about this horse patrol nonsense. Mayorkas is continuing his Border Patrol criticism even though the photographer who took the images says no whips were being used.

From Fox News:

Paul Ratje's photos were framed by some Democrats and liberal media members as showing agents using "whips" to corral Haitians trying to cross the border. But critics pushed back and said they were clearly holding reins as they confronted them, and Ratje backed them up.
"I’ve never seen them whip anyone," Ratje told KTSM, an NBC affiliate in El Paso, Texas. "He was swinging it, but it can be misconstrued when you’re looking at the picture."

Peter Doocey from Fox News keeps driving Jen Psaki up the wall over Biden's failed sense of urgency and wants a straight answer about why he has not visited the U.S. Mexico border.

Listen to John & Ken throw Mayorkas in the dumpster as he was this week's Hack In A Dumpster, sponsored by Bidenville.

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