Cat Missing for 12 Years Has Returned Home

A Jersey cat has finally found his way home after being gone for 12 years.

Shelley Brockbank says her then four-year old cat Alfie had gone out for an adventure in 2009 and hadn't been seen since.

Fast forward over a decade later, Brockbank says she was perusing the JSPCA animal shelter's Facebook page and saw what looked like "the spitting image" of her long lost furry pal.

She made arrangements to see the Alfie look-alike only to realize it was actually Alfie!

Brockbank brought him home and says he settled right back in.

"When we got him home, he came out of his box and was immediately rubbing up against my leg, trying to get in my lap...It was almost like [he was saying]: 'I'm home'."

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