Lunchable Shortages are Hitting Grocery Stores

I present to you, what is probably the single, most devastating news story to ever personally impact Handel....

There's a Lunchables shortage.

While The Kraft Heinz Company says the demand for the product is at an all-time high, shoppers across the country are saying store shelves are empty.

An NBC story reports on some of the horrors parents are facing:

A number of Facebook users said on Lunchables’ page that they were having trouble finding the meal kits. 
“My child needs pepperoni pizza lunchables in his life and I can’t find them anywhere!!” one user wrote. 
“School starts next week. Pizza lunchables was a go-to,” another said. 

But parents (and Handel) need not fret for long...Kraft Heinz say they are investing in supply chains and working furiously to get people more of the product.

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