State of Corruption: Recall Newsom- Official Trailer (2021)

Tonight we will talk with filmmaker Jeff Roldan of Essential Films with an inside look at the historic Recall Gavin 2020 movement, the leaders, the volunteers and the passion behind removing the California governor from office. HELP FUND THIS FILM!

Film Synopsis

A state with tens of thousands of failing businesses, no public in-person education, the smothering of constitutional freedoms, widespread tax dollar fraud totaling into the billions; this isn’t California dreamin’’s a nightmare. These are just a few of the many reasons the effort to recall Governor Gavin Newsom has picked up momentum and is heading towards accomplishing the goal of the required 1.5 million petition signatures that will trigger a recall election.

But the story behind the recall is as intriguing as the actual recall election itself. It's a story of everyday Californians with a genuine affection for their state and a deep love for their freedoms. It's a remarkable grassroots effort fueled not by dollars, but by the passion of those forging through the wake of “King Newsom" since he took office. This is a modern-day story of David vs. Goliath.

State of Corruption: Recall Newsom is a feature-length documentary film that explores the story of this effort, recounting the events from its inception to what it took to be on the cusp of only the second successful attempt in California history to recall a governor.

We have EXCLUSIVE ACCESS, not even granted to the large news networks, to go behind the scenes of the campaign and see how these individuals were able to strategically direct the recall to the end. The audience will get to know the main players of the Recall Gavin 2020 committee and the day-to-day hustle that it takes to win.


Essential Studios is a production company whose mission and purpose is the creation of short and feature films that promote freedom and expose political corruption. In 2020, Essential Studios released Liberty Lockdown , a feature-length documentary that tells the story of various state government overreach during the COVID lockdowns.

Saturday, Sept 11th in the Rancho Palos Verde area at 6pm. To RSVP or for more information email

Photo Credit: Essential Films

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