Dough Blob Takes Over Louisiana Dumpster in Hurricane Ida Aftermath

If you thought dumpster fires were scary, you’ll head for the hills when you see how massive a pile of yeast-filled pizza dough grew after a Domino’s Pizza in Louisiana tossed the dough as they prepared for Hurricane Ida to touch down.

As if the torrential downpour of water wasn’t bad enough, a small town in Louisiana called Covington was already experiencing humidity and intense heat as temperatures remained in the 90s. “Back in Covington, Dominos threw all of their dough in the dumpster, and now it’s growing into a giant, unstoppable blob,” said Nicole Amstutz above a photo of the dough-dumpster.

Amstutz provided an update the following day, saying that boxes had been piled on top of the then-collapsed blob of dough, and that some remnants on the ground were “squishy.”

To avoid any future close-encounters with Ghostbuster-style monsters, please refrain from dumping massive amounts of dough into a dumpster before a massive rainstorm. Consider this your PSA.

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