A 100-year-old Diary Reveals a Despicable Story of Love and Travel

A San Francisco couple moved into a home that they found especially interesting because of its seemingly rich history. Upon renovation they discovered a 100-year-old diary that contained a love story of ironic coincidence. 

The diary was written in Danish, which the owner did not speak. However this owner was dedicated to finding out what was written in the vintage diary she found in her home. 

The diary belonged to Hans Hansen and the diary began on the date January 1,1900.  

This diary served Hansen as his guideline through his soon to be travels to the early United States. 

However, before he left for this venture he was a teenage farmhand in Denmark. While working on this farm, he met a girl named Anna and after working alongside her for a string of time they began to have feelings for one another. Hans eventually vowed that he would marry Anna. However, Anna left to live in the United States in 1897. 

Hans decided he needed to go to America if he was to reunite with Anna and the skill that would get him there would be carpentry. His dedication paid off as he made his way to America by way of carpentry. 

Once in America, his sought after Union with Anna was fulfilled under quite unorthodox circumstances. 

Listen to how the story ends down below as the GaS gives you all the details! 

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