9/11: Two Decades Later

Listen below for wall-to-wall coverage from The Bill Handel Show 09/11/2001.

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9/11: Two Decades Later is a limited mini-series podcast that reviews the swift and broad policy changes made following the attacks on 9/11, including the creation of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and the Department of Homeland Security.

Guests include former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs at the Pentagon, Victoria Clarke, who was inside the Pentagon when it was struck by American Airlines Flight 77. Other guests include one of the architects of the TSA, an air traffic controller who was working on 9/11, a former Special Agent in Charge of the Federal Air Marshal Service for Los Angeles, and one of the very first employees hired at the TSA.

The series looks at the state of security and travel through an air safety lens and also asks the question, "Are we safer today than we were twenty years ago?"

9/11: Two Decades Later is hosted and produced by Murrow Award-winning investigative journalist Steve Gregory and co-produced by Jacob Gonzalez. The team of Gregory and Gonzalez produced the highly acclaimed podcast, the Death and Life of Kobe Bryant which was featured on iHeartMedia radio affiliates around the country.

9/11: Two Decades Later is a production of the KFI-AM 640 News Department’s Documentary Unit for iHeartMedia Los Angeles.

To reach Steve Gregory: StevenGregory@iHeartMedia.com

To reach Jacob Gonzalez: JacobGonzalez@iHeartMedia.com

To read the 9/11 Commission Report go here

Victoria Clarke, Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs at The Pentagon. Photo: US Department of Defense

Torie is also host of the podcast, Chatter on Books.

Nico Melendez, Retired National/Regional TSA Spokesperson. Photo: TSA

Chad Wolf, One of the original architects of the TSA; Former Homeland Security Secretary and Former Under Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security for Strategy, Policy and Plans. Photo: DHS

Warner Bros. Premiere of "Alexander" - Arrivals

Dale Dye, Retired Marine Captain, Military Consultant and KFI's Military Analyst.Photo: Getty Images North America

Frank Donzanti, Retired First Supervisory Air Marshal in Charge of the Federal Air Marshal Service Los Angeles Field Office. Photo: FAMS

Bart Avery, Retired Air Traffic Controller. Photo: FAA

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