High-Speed Dating Gone Wrong

Twenty-two year-old Taylor Beverly was “trying to show off” for his date by running through a red light on Saturday night on his white 2017 Suzuki as he made eye contact with Clearwater Police Officers and proceeded to race away.

I’m all for making lasting first-impressions, but Beverly might’ve gone a bit too far. The woman riding on the back of his motorcycle was justifiably fearful, “screaming at him to stop, but he refused.” Oh yeah, did I mention that this was their first date?

At one point during the pursuit, Beverly “drove well over 100 mph” and was weaving in and out of ongoing traffic while also continuing to run red lights. That’s when the police broke their pursuit but continued to alert other units to stay on the lookout for the suspect.

Beverly was taking into custody around 10 PM after finally bringing his motorcycle to a stop at an intersection. His rap sheet includes convictions for cocaine possession, violating his probation, grand theft, and passing a counterfeit check. He was also cited for reckless driving and driving an unregistered vehicle after he crashed another motorcycle back in 2019.

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