Where Exactly is Bishop Sycamore?

A scenario of nonlegitimacy has come out of an Ohio “High School.” 

High School serves as a stretch in the case of Bishop Sycamore High School.

The school has made headlines after its football team played in a game against the No. 2 ranked high school in the country, Florida’s IMG Academy. The game was broadcasted on an ESPN broadcast and the action was completely one-sided. The high school went on to defeat Bishop Sycamore 58-0

The defeat of Bishop Sycamore High School raised some eyebrows based on two significant things: (1) Why was Bishop Sycamore placed against when they were so obviously outmatched, and (2) Where the heck is Bishop Sycamore High School? 

It was discovered that the football team’s address was listed as a P.O. box based in Columbus, Ohio, and was not listed in Ohio’s High School Football Athletic Association. To make matters worse, the team was made up of postgraduate students ranging up to 20-years-old. 

Since this news, Bishop Sycamore Head Coach Roy Johnson has been fired (not clear by who) and he’s now being investigated by authorities for fraud. He denies all allegations of a “Scam” but we are here to keep you updated on the legitimacy of this high school program. 

If you know anything about the program we’d love to hear from you. 

Which do you think is more embarrassing, the exposure of the program or the fact that a bunch of adults lost to a collection of high school students? 

Since this incident, comedian Kevin Hart has recruited this story to create a Docuseries on the underbelly of Bishop Sycamore.

Updated on 9/6/21 on the Gary and Shannon Show. See Below:

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