Chicago Couple Charge for Absent Guests

It’s my wedding and I’ll be petty if I want to.

A Chicago couple is charging their guests who didn't show up for their wedding. ‘

Dedra and Doug Simmons have sent out invoices of $240 to their no-show wedding guests

The couple was married at Royalton Negril Resort and Spa, and they had to pay in advance for each seat of their party. As the wedding proceeded, 109 people were invited but only 101 showed up. 

As a result, the couple decided to send out invoices to the eight individuals who decided not to show up for whatever reason. Groom Doug Simmons said, "If those eight people said, 'Doug, Dedra, we can't make it,' we would have totally understood it, there would have been no problem." 

Since the act, the story has been picked up by the internet and we all know when the internet gets ahold of a petty act, it’s d---- near flammable. People are taking to the internet streets to discuss the matter. Let us know what you think!

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