Nandi Bushell x Foo Fighters!

It’s official! 11-year-old Nandi Bushell’s challenge to Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl has been acknowledged, answered, and capitalized on!

*Clicks Drumsticks Together “...1,2,3, Go!” 

11-year-old Nandi is a drummer who has gone viral on multiple occasions for her charismatic, head-banging drum performances she places on the internet. In a recent performance, she paused the drumsticks to serve out a challenge to legendary Foo Fighters’ drummer Dave Grohl. 

Nandi held her drumsticks away from her drumset, pointed them at the camera, and said, “Dave Grohl I challenge you to a drum-off!” followed by getting right back to the drumming action! The gauntlet was set!

Following a hundred texts from friends and associates, Dave Grohl realized the magnitude of this epic challenge and decided to take Nandi up on this drum-off. In a video, he explains the context of the texts he had received “‘This girl is challenging you to a drum-off, what are you going to do about it?’” Grohl said. He proceeded to get busy on his drums as the challenge had officially been answered. 

Nandi then responded with her own drumbeat and the challenge had been completed. 

Following the challenge, Grohl capitalized on the deal with an invite to the Foo Fighters’ concert held at the Inglewood Forum on Thursday, August 26, 2021 to Nandi. However, the invite wasn’t to spectate but to perform with the band. The 11-year-old drummer accepted and rocked the house side-by-side with the Foo Fighters. 

You can watch the build-up and performance below!

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