Kanye West's 'DONDA' Album is Here

Donda is here however, the release came without Kanye’s blessing. 

Sunday, August 29, 2021, Kanye West's Long-awaited album dropped as a somewhat surprise. The album that features a multitude of artists has been delayed, postponed, and recalled a few times as Kanye looked to put his perfectionist spin on things. 

After multiple delays it was turned in however, Kanye never chose a specific release date according to him.

Kanye Posted This!


The fans got it all the same. Excluding Jail 2. The dilemma with Jail 2 is somewhat confusing because there is a track called ‘Jail Part 2’ on the labrum. It features DaBaby and is an excellent performance by the quote-on-quote “canceled” rapper. Perhaps there was a track just named “Jail 2” that didn’t make the cut.  

Leading to the album Kanye has hosted three pre-release listening parties at three different sports stadiums. Each “party” was well-received financially as they accumulated over $12 million in revenue before the album was even released.  

The concerts featured various artists who were on the album, artists who weren’t on the album, celebrity associates, concert theatrics, and even live dancers. I should point out, some theatrics were so crazy that in one case he was hoisted up by a harness on his chest and ascended toward the sky, and in another case SET ON FIRE! 

Donda is here whether Kanye liked it or not and fans have taken to their almighty internet to discuss if the build-up for the album was worth it or not. 

Do we have any Kanye fans reading this? Feel free to send us your feedback on the album and listen to the Gas crew give their takes on it below! 

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