Time is a Hungry Person's Game

If you ever needed a push to eat healthier, here it is. Did you know that eating a hotdog can take 36 minutes off of your life? Don’t worry because there is a way to counteract that. Your guess is probably exercise but in fact, a handful of nuts adds 26 minutes to your life so it comes down to the dietary choices we make everyday. 

A study put out on Yahoo by way of Nature Food has studied that slight changes in the human diet can add or subtract to/from life expectancy. Their recommendations are the usual, fruit, dark leafy green vegetables, legumes, and ‘selected seafood’ to increase life expectancy and as you can guess, processed meat, sugar, and alcohol consumption to decrease that expectancy.   

The rules are simple, ‘Protect the Liver, Feed the Gut.’ 

Cheat Code: Real food doesn’t have a label

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