The Mother From Hell #TrueCrimeTuesdays

Today on True Crime Tuesday we bring you the 'Mother from Hell.'

The Mother from hell was a woman named Helen Tiernan from Manhattan. She got this title after an attempted murder and actual murder of her own children. She was responsible for killing her daughter, 5-year-old Helen and son 9-year-old Jimmy. Although Helen was tragically slain by her mother Helen, (Yes, the child was named after her mother) the young son survived the attack. Following, the local police found the boy and he went on to tell them what he had witnessed. It turns out the mother was desperate to remarry and had met a man who was not fond that she had children. As a result, the mother took the two children to the woods where she then performed the unthinkable.

What came next was a situation that will make you wonder how someone is willing to do when they're desperate enough.

To read the story about this woman click here.

Listen to Gary and Shannon fill you in on this deranged mother below:

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