Viral 'Fancy Like' TikTok Song is Now An Applebee's Ad

Well...we knew this was going to happen. 'Fancy Like' by Walker Hayes is the song of the summer, the dance of the summer and now the ad of the summer.

Walker Hayes single debuted on Tiktok in early June and blew-up reaching over 26 million people. Hayes' music video was pretty low-key of just him singing the song in a field. When Hayes posted on TikTok, Hayes' 15-year-old daughter created clever choreography and the two of them danced on their front porch. And the rest is history.

Applebee's has even brought back the Oreo Cookie Shake (which had been phased out months ago) but now people are asking for the Bourbon Street steak with the Oreo shake with the Whipped cream on top too, two straws, one check...can't help myself.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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