Noah Cuatro Would Have Been 7-Years-Old

Noah was a young child who was born into undesirable circumstances. Matter of fact, “Undesirable” is a sugar coating of the situation. Noah was born into torturous circumstances. 

Noah Cuatro was born in Palmdale, CA to parents Ursula Juarez and Jose Cuatro, he was the middle child between two other siblings and was 4-years old. 

The standout word here is “was.” Noah was the victim of child abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, and mental abuse. He was later pronounced dead at the mere age of 4 with an autopsy report that stated the cause of death was "homicide" by "asphyxiation," alongside "blunt force trauma." Prosecutors say that the suspect responsible for his death was his own father Jose and that Jose’s reasoning was anger fueled by a suspicion that Noah was not his biological son, thus he targeted the 4-year-old. Cuatro was pronounced dead on July 6, 2019.

This revitalized story is here after the scheduled event from the Palmdale community to honor the life of the 4-year-old who would have turned 7 last week on August 20th.

 A resurgence comes as the Department of Children and Family Services expresses their remorse after authorities wavered on rescuing him. A representative made claims that Noah showed signs of being abused and neglected. A request to secure Noah from his family was made; however, the order was carried out but, after a commissioner override Noah was sent back to his abusive family. The previously mentioned murder took place almost 2 months later. 

Now, over two years later, the parents currently stand trial after pleading "not guilty" for the murder of Noah. Since LA County community members gather to advocate for the tragic life of Noah Cuatro and all children who are victims of relatable circumstances. The community's goal is to spread awareness and make sure nothing like this happens again.

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See below to hear Gary and Shannon's coverage of the tragic story.

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