Are You Neurotic?

neurotic grandma

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Being neurotic can actually be healthy.

The theory of healthy neuroticism or Turiano found that people with the combination of higher conscientiousness and higher neuroticism had r4educed levels of inflammation, faring better than people who had scored highly pm just one of the traits. Healthy neurotics tend to have a lower body mass index, for example perhaps because they are more conscious of the health risks of obesity, and so make more effort to maintain a healthy weight. They are also more likely to stock to a new exercise regime.

Neuroticism can be tough in a relationship though.

There are different facets of neuroticism. People high in anxiety and self-consciousness tend to be overly obedient and non-assertive. Those high in anger tends to let their constant anger led to problems of being too cold-hearted and vindictive. People high in the depression facet of neuroticism tended to avoid social interaction.

Change can come through interactions with people who help bend their pathway toward greater fulfillment. Recent research has shown that our attitudes to anxiety often determine how it affects our mental and physical health. If we believe anxiety to be damaging to be damaging, then we tend to take longer to recover from stressful events and suffer more long-term consequences from the experience. If we see anxiety as a source of motivation and energy however we tend to perform better and recover more quickly after the stress has passed.

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