Gov. Gavin Newsom Gets Testy During Interview

Photo: Getty Images

While speaking to a few media outlets, Governor Gavin Newsom got pissed off while answering certain questions that were coming his way.

In the 6 minutes 25-second interview, Newsom would say the word "damn" at least 9 times and also slammed his hands against his desk about 59 times.

One media outlet in attendance asked the current Governor if the California dream was more of an illusion with all of the issues the state is currently faced with. Newsom would respond to this question with,

"I love this damn state" and would add, "We have over 100 damn IPO's"

He went on to discuss taxes

“Middle class families in Texas pay more taxes than middle class families in California,” the Governor would double down and say, "Look that up. That's a fact"

Just to mention, Texas is currently one of seven states that do not have income tax though they have higher property taxes than California. California has the highest income tax, according to TurboTax.

Newsom would aggressively say, "I don’t know why that doesn’t get more damn attention.”

Recall candidate, Larry Elder would take notice of this interview and tweeted out the video himself.

To quote Newsom, "This is off the top of my damn head"

The testy interview is linked above, take a look for yourself!

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