Beer Cup Snake Forming in the Distance

"Finish that up, the snake is coming!"

Comradery shows up in the most obscure ways sometimes. Baseball fans (that are 21+ of course) have emerged with a trend known as a "Beer Cup Snake."

This new breed of "snake" happens when fans in a particular section of a sports event stack cup after cup after cup creating a snake-shaped column of cups that stretches sometimes over one hundred feet.

The snake has origins dating back to around 1969. The first recorded occurrence was at Wrigley Field in Chicago. However, this trend has had a resurgence recently and fans can't get enough. These stacks are not specific to any sport although they are a much more popular occurrence at baseball games.

Fans have gone as far as creating signs directing others to avoid the trash cans and bring their empty cups to "section 16" because every creation of a Beer Cup Snake is another chance to break last time's record.

Regardless of who you are at a sporting event, whether you are rooting for opposing teams, or if you're not even in the section where the snake is forming, the only rules is to get a beer, finish that beer and add that cup to the stack!

Nowadays the attempts at creating one of these beer cup snakes at a ball game works as an indirect display of about $30,000.

The GaS Crew discusses more about this fun tradition for sports fans below:

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