Lost Turtle Returns Home After TWO Years!

A Massachusetts woman has been reunited with a pet she lost -- two years ago!!!

While news reports of dog and cats finding their way home several years after they went missing are relatively common, the pet in this story is a turtle!

Dawn Whalen says her turtle, Sasha, found its way out of her Roslindale home back in 2019. After a search produced no results, Whalen had given up on her lost pet, thinking it couldn't possibly have survived Massachusetts' cold winters...

Then, her phone rang.

"I get a call that someone may have found Sasha, and I can't even believe it!" she says. "I've been looking for so long for this little one."

It turns out another resident, Gabrielle Pearl, spotted Sasha in her neighborhood and posted a photo on Facebook! One of her friends had remembered that Whalen had posted a "missing" notice two years earlier and hooked the two up.

“It's a great feeling to see her back in her original home,” Pearl says.

A vet says Sasha likely survived the winters by burrowing into the ground.

Read the full story on KCRA News.

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