What The House Whisperer Says We All Need To Learn About Lawns

There's no doubt that America has an obsession with lawns...

Lawns are the largest "crop" in the United States, and have been seen as a status symbol of home ownership since the 20th century. But despite our obsession with them, they actually serve no agricultural value!

Lawns are actually unnatural in (at least) three ways:

- Grasses want to sprout, grow about 2’ tall, go to seed, turn brown and die... They don’t want to be kept perpetually green.

- Most lawn grasses are “exotic” (not native) and don’t provide habitat for native insects.

- Relative to other plants or trees, lawns require massive amounts of water, fertilizer, pesticides AND maintenance!

Dean Sharp joined Wayne Resnick on Wednesday morning to share everything he's learned about lawns.

Take a listen to the featured segment below!

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