German Man Fined for Keeping WWII Tank Inside of His Home

If you happen to have a World War II tank sitting in your living room, you probably should get rid of it... as soon as possible.

Apparently, it's illegal!


Photo: AFP

Photo: Getty Images

A retired man in Germany learned this the hard way when he was fined $297,389 after authorities found a Panther tank (and other weapons) in his Heikendorf home, according to German prosecutors. In addition to the massive fine, a German judge on Monday sentenced the unidentified 84-year-old to 14 months in prison -- which was suspended -- and ordered him to donate the tank to a museum or a collector, prosecutors say.

Authorities in Heikendorf say it took a team of 20 soldiers almost nine hours to remove the tank from the man's home!

However, it's still unclear how he managed to get it inside...

Read the full report on BBC News.

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