Barack Obama Planning 'COVID-Safe' 60th Birthday Party At Martha's Vineyard

President Obama turns 60 this week, (Wednesday, August 4th to be exact), and he's planning on celebrating with a 'Covid-safe' birthday bash at Martha's Vineyard.


Photo: AFP

Photo: Getty Images

"The Obamas are hosting a party to celebrate President Obama's 60th birthday with family, friends, and former staff," a source told PEOPLE.

According to reports, the guest list will range anywhere from several dozen, to nearly 500!!! Including celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney and more.

But this all comes as the COVID-19 pandemic continues on...

Guests will reportedly be required to be vaccinated and take a COVID-19 test to attend... And there will even be a "COVID-coordinator," sources have told Axios.

Instead of gifts, the guests will be asked to donate to charitable programs, such as the My Brother's Keeper Alliance and the Girls Opportunity Alliance.

Read the full report on The Business Insider.

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