Bacon Access Stripped, Prices Rise

California can be walking toward a bacon shortage like lambs... or pigs to the slaughter.

In 2018, Californians approved Proposition 12 which instated that livestock must have more space for their living conditions in order to comply with CA agriculture health regulations and be considered "compliant meat." As a result, companies that house egg-producing chickens, and veal have been optimistic about the necessary change they must now enact. However, pig farmers don't share that same optimism.

The push for more humane conditions will come at a price. Pig farmers speculate if these standards are upheld, it will lead to less space for pig breeding, which leads to fewer pigs farmed, which leads to less pork availability, which will ultimately lead to a potential 60% hike in bacon prices due to scarcity.

Pig farmers and bacon lovers are hoping for leniency in the regulations by CA food and health services regulators. However, the law has been set and the execution of it has been enforced.

The California Department of Food and Agriculture said, "It is important to note that the law itself cannot be changed by regulations and the law has been in place since the Farm Animal Confinement Proposition (Prop 12) passed by a wide margin."

...At least blood pressure rates may improve.

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