Niche Dating Apps Could Be Your Key To Love

Dating apps like J Date, BLK, and Farmer's Only could be the first step into something much deeper.

What these apps have in common is that the Kardashians are on all of them. (Just Kidding)

The real similarity tying them together is their niche dating expectations. J Date, along with its direct competitor JSwipe, is a dating app that caters to Jewish singles, BLK and apps like RBL are dating apps that cater to Black Singles, Chispa caters to Latino singles, and Upward is an app that caters toward members of the Christian faith.

The apps aren't meant to block anyone out but stand as hubs for singles who are looking for a more niche pool of potential lovers.

As it stands, this pattern has become more abundant in recently released dating apps that use a more skewed method.

The odds that more apps with directed preferences for their users are high!

Who knows, one day there could be an app that caters to KFI listeners that read these great articles we write daily...Then you could be a leg up on the action!

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