Jen and The House Whisperer on How to Help a Project Go Smoothly

Dean Sharp (The House Whisperer) is back again this week!

This time, he joins Jen with some tips and tricks on how to help your projects go smoothly.

So... What matters most?

The right design of course!

• According to Dean, everything comes down to good design...

• NOT your builder!

“When all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail.”

And who's the right project manager? …YOU!!!

• Even if you’ve hired a General Contractor, don’t abdicate your responsibility.

• If you’re too busy to be involved with the project right now, then right now is not the time to do it.

• And make sure you have an advocate! AKA someone who represents your interests and speaks “construction.”

You'll also want to have a well researched budget...

• Get multiple estimates for each phase and facet of your project -- and look for outliers!

• Do not allow for allowances.

Unknowns = Fear = $$$$

Listen below for more tips and tricks, and don't forget to follow Dean on social media @HomeWithDean!

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