Could Schools Be Closed In LA This Fall ?

Could the LA County health department goons break plans to re-open schools ?

Katy Grimes from California Globe wrote an interesting piece that explores the possibility that recent delta variant numbers among the un-vaccinated could cause a halt to school openings.

Los Angeles physician Dr. Houman David Hemmati spoke with the Globe Wednesday about these seemingly arbitrary orders and the impact to children and families.
“This is a battle of fact versus misguided agenda,” Dr. Hemmati said. He and his wife, who is also a physician, are parents of a school aged child. Dr. Hemmati said his wife is fed up and wants all of these politicians and public health officials out – from the Governor down to Dr. Ferrer. And she’s not alone.
Dr. Hemmati sent Dr. Ferrer an email expressing his concerns, as well as telling Dr. Ferrer that he led the group of several hundred LA County healthcare professionals calling for schools to reopen full time.

Katy talked to John & Ken today about this interesting exchange between Dr. Hemmati and Barbara Ferrer.

If you are a public school parent in LA, don't be too sure that schools will open as anticipated.

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