Here's How to Get a California Digital COVID-19 Vaccine Card

Covid-19 vaccination record card with vials and syringe.

Photo: Getty Images

As COVID-19 cases continue to spike in Los Angeles County, some venues and employers are beginning to require proof of a person being fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. Some employees, such as health care or state and local workers, will also be required to prove they've been vaccinated or can show a weekly negative COVID test. For those who wish to travel internationally, a growing number of countries around the world are now requiring some form of digital proof of vaccination.

If you've lost your original vaccine card, or just want a more convenient way to display the information, here's how you can get a digital card you can show as proof:

  1. Using your phone or computer go to
  2. Input your name and birthday
  3. Provide an email address or phone number
  4. Input a 4-digit PIN code to access your record
  5. You will be emailed or texted a link. Open the link and put in the PIN code.
  6. Screenshot and save / print the image to show to anyone who requires it.

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