Gun Maker Remington Offers to Settle Sandy Hook Lawsuit for $33M

Remington, the company that manufactured the rifle used to 26 people in 2012's Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, has offered $33 million to settle a lawsuit filed by the victims' families.

The offer, which has been revealed in paperwork filed in Connecticut's Waterbury Superior Court, comes just one day after a judge rejected an attempt by Remington's attorneys to get the case thrown out of court.

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Photo: Getty Images

In the suit, the families accuse Remington of marketing the AR-15-style rifle used in the killings to "younger, at-risk males" in their ads and through product placement in violent video games.

A lawyer for the families says the offer -- which would net each of the nine families $3.7 million -- is "under consideration."

Lawyers for Remington have denied the lawsuit's allegations.

Read the full report on NBC News.

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