Funeral Services Pending For Famed Pitchman Ron Popeil

Funeral with casket carried by coffin bearer

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LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Funeral services were pending today for famed television pitchman Ron Popeil, who pedaled merchandise ranging from the Pocket Fisherman to the Veg-O-Matic and added phrases such as “wait, there's more'' and “set it and forget it'' to the TV lexicon.

Popeil died Wednesday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center at age 86, according to his family.

A cause of his death, first reported by TMZ, was not released.

Popeil was considered the father of the infomercial, rising to fame with his late-1950s ad for the Chop-O-Matic, which consumers rapidly gobbled up.

The success of that product led to scores of others sold under his brand name Ronco, including the Pocket Fisherman, the Showtime “set it and forget it'' Rotisserie, Hair in a Can and Mr. Microphone. His infomercials made him a mainstay of late-night television, with his lengthy product pitches famously extended by his trademark phrase, “But wait, there's more!''

His popularity led to him being parodied by Dan Aykroyd on “Saturday Night Live'' and on an album by Weird Al Yankovic.

Popeil is survived by his wife, Robin, four daughters and four grandchildren. A fifth daughter died previously.

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