Andrew Caravella - Anchor

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Andrew has been in entertainment and media since 2010. Originally starting as a recording artist/actor with an internet livestream show, Andrew shifted gears and primarily works as a voice actor and tv/radio personality. He has reported news and entertainment for numerous Southern California media outlets, including KVVB TV, KVCR, KCAA, KQLH, and El Dorado Broadcasters' radio stations comprised of KZXY, KATJ, KATJ-HD2, KIXA, and KIXW. Nationally, Andrew has been seen covering the Academy Awards for the national news network BNC Truth. Andrew has also been the former entertainment correspondent for Rick Dees Afternoons, a syndicated radio program for legendary Rick Dees in the Inland Empire. As a voice actor, Andrew has racked up over 20 million views on videos he's been featured in with Animated Times.

Andrew received his Bachelor of Science in Digital Audiences from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University. 

Born in Los Angeles, Andrew grew up in Apple Valley, CA, and actively contributes to hyper-local news for the surrounding community. 

Andrew enjoys giving back, mentoring upcoming industry professionals in acting, music, and media who confide in him for guidance navigating the entertainment industry in Los Angeles. 

Andrew loves the Los Angeles Angels and still believes in the Miami Dolphins! He also likes playing soccer, is a huge DC Universe fan, and is an avid foodie. 

IG, Facebook and Twitter: @OnAirAndrew

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