Undisputed: Old or New? Space Jam Edition

Lebron James teams up with Warner Bros to bring us Space Jam: A New Legacy. The movie has been out for a week and everyone is giving their opinions on it.

Today, the latest people to do so were Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Fox's Skip and Shannon: Undisputed team came forward to give their opinions on the film. Comments included "If you love it, I love it" and "They're asking him to do things that he's not capable of" as they analyzed the film's moral lessons, the surprise cameos, and Lebron's acting skills. Let's just say he's not King James on the big screen.

The movie served as a life lesson for the Undisputed Crew and it couldn't be more entertaining hearing these accomplished gentlemen dive deep into this children's movie.

With that said, the superior Space Jam is the Original, you can't beat a classic!

Click Here to watch the discussion between the two on YouTube.

Below is The Tim Conway Jr. Show's Reaction!

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