Republican Party Announce Process for Delegates to Endorse Candidate

This past Saturday, the California Republican Party created a new process that would allow their delegates to endorse one of the 24 Republican candidates running to take Governor Gavin Newsom's job as Governor of California. The Republican candidate with the most votes from delegates would get endorsed by the Republican party.

Republican party officials allow an endorsement of 60% support from delegates and would even allow delegates to vote "no endorsement" if they do not see any candidate as worthy.

Currently, Republican delegates will meet virtually on August 7th to decide on an official endorsement for the party. On August 10th, Republican candidates are scheduled to debate amongst themselves at the Richard Nixon Presidential Library in Yorba Linda, CA. Though this debate will only be amongst Republicans, the reaction has been mixed as some think this debate would only benefit current Governor Gavin Newsom.

The campaign manager of candidate Kevin Faulconer discussed this upcoming debate:

“Having an intra-party Republican fight over the next two weeks does nothing but benefit Gavin Newsom,”

he would continue by saying,

“Even if one person emerges, the net result is it’s much less likely [Newsom] gets recalled because it negatively impacts Republican intensity.”

Recall ballots will start arriving via mail, in August. There will be two sole questions on recall ballots, whether to recall Gavin Newsom and who should replace him. The Recall election takes place on September 14th.

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