How to Have Better Fights With Your Partner

Aggressive couple arguing about their problems at home.

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Are you and your partner having really bad fights or consistent? Dr. Wendy tells us how to have better fights with our partner.

Before you talk to your partner make sure you aren't hungry, tired, or stressed. You have to identify what sets you off, and how to manage it.

You have to express appreciation for the conflict of ideas. Enter the conversation with the hope of strengthening the relationship, not with the desire for you ride as to "win."

Respect other people's positions even if you don't agree. Before you share your opinion, respectfully listen to everyone's ideas, appreciating their perspective as coming from an experience different from yours.

Recognize emotions by sharing what you are sensing with compassionate curiosity. Emotions are physical, energetic, bodily events. Constructive conflict recognizes and addresses people's feelings as well as their ideas as a part of reducing conflict.

Set a team goal. Acknowledge similarities of desired outcomes. Creativity equally values both similarities and differences.

Be present. Notice when you have the urge to interrupt or take on their aggressiveness or anger. Return to feeling respect.

Dr. Wendy Walsh breaks this down. Take a listen

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