Coach Deion Sanders Walks Out On Interview After Being Disrespected

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Photo: Getty Images

Coach Deion Sanders has a preference as to what he wants to be called, and it is not Deion.

Sanders is entering his second season of as head coach of Jackson State, and he wants to be addressed as "coach."

"You don't call Nick Saban, 'Nick', you'll get cussed out on the spot, so don't do that to me. Treat me like Nick."

Sanders stated during a Southwestern Atlantic Conference media day event after he was addressed as "Deion" by a reporter. After the reporter ignored his request, Sanders walked out of the interview. He later tweeted the "he never walked out of media day."

The reporter who called Sanders by his first name, Nick Suss, said "when I interview people, I call them by their first name. Whether it's someone I've been working with for years or someone I'm talking to for the first time"

It wasn't the first time Suss interviews Sanders, but it may be the last.

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