41 Candidates Make Preliminary Ballot for Newsom's Recall Election

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A list of candidates for Governor Gavin Newsom's Recall Election was released on Saturday and it includes a vast array of different personalities eyeing Newsom's job as Governor of California. The list of 41 candidates includes 21 Republicans, 8 Democrats, 1 Libertarian, 9 Independents, and 2 Green Party candidates.

Each candidate is listed with a job title or other descriptor.

Here is a list of the candidates:

  • Angelyne, entertainer. No Political Party
  • Holly L. Baade, business owner and mother. Democrat
  • David Alexander Bramante, multifamily developer and realtor. Republican
  • Heather Collins, hairstylist and business owner. Green
  • John Cox, businessman, accountant, and father. Republican
  • John R. Drake, a college student. Democrat
  • Kevin L Faulconer, Retired Mayor of San Diego. Republican
  • Ted Gaines, Board of Equalization member. Republican
  • Sam L. Gallucci, pastor, CEO, and consultant. Republican
  • James G. Hanink, a retired educator. No Political Party
  • Jeff Hewitt, Riverside County supervisor. Libertarian
  • David Hillberg, actor and aircraft mechanic. Republican
  • Caitlyn Jenner, entrepreneur and businessperson. Republican
  • Dan Kapelovitz, criminal defense attorney. Green
  • Kevin Kiley, California legislator. Republican
  • Chauncey “Slim” Killens, retired correctional officer. Republican.
  • Patrick Kilpatrick, actor, screenwriter, and producer. Democrat
  • Jenny Rae Le Roux, mother and business owner. Republican
  • Steven Chavez Lodge, retired homicide detective. Republican
  • Michael Loebs, a university lecturer. No Political Party
  • David Lozano, attorney and executive officer. Republican
  • Denis Lucey, teacher. No Political Party
  • Jeremiah “Jeremy” Marciniak, no ballot designation. No Political Party
  • Diego Martinez, businessman. Republican
  • Jacqueline McGowan, cannabis policy advisor. Democrat
  • Daniel Mercuri, business owner and farmer. Republican
  • David Moore, public school teacher. No Political Party
  • Robert C. Newman II, farmer and psychologist. Republican
  • Doug Ose, small businessman and farmer. Republican
  • Kevin Paffrath, analyst and financial educator. Democrat
  • Adam Papagan, entertainer. No Political Party
  • Dennis Richter, retail store worker. No Political Party
  • Brandon M. Ross, attorney and physician. Democrat
  • Major Singh, software engineer. No Political Party
  • Sarah Stephens, pastor. Republican
  • Denver Stoner, deputy sheriff. Republican
  • Anthony Trimino, CEO and entrepreneur. Republican
  • Joel Ventresca, retired airport analyst. Democrat
  • Daniel Watts, free speech lawyer. Democrat
  • Nickolas Wildstar, father, entrepreneur, and musician. Republican
  • Leo S. Zacky, farmer and businessman. Republican

One notable name that was not included on the ballot was conservative talk radio host, Larry Elder, who announced he was running on July 12th. He has stated that he should be included on the ballot and state officials are not giving details as to why he was not included on the ballot. Secretary of State, Jenna Dresner mentioned that all candidates that did not qualify were given reasons why they were not included. A spokesperson for Elder, Ying Ma, said she submitted all the necessary information to have Elder be included and has not received a reason as to why he was not on the ballot.

Elder has a chance to be included on the final list that is being released on Wednesday, June 21st.

Ballots will start going out next month via mail and the official election date is September 14th, 2021.

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