Man Arrested At Federal Building With Weapons In Vehicle Faces Misdemeanor

LOS ANGELES -- A man who allegedly tried to enter the parking garage of the Edward R. Roybal Federal Building in downtown Los Angeles while wearing body armor and carrying firearms in his truck was charged today with a misdemeanor weapons offense.

Erik Christopher Younggren, 34, of Cherry Valley in Riverside County, is expected to appear in federal court Friday on a single count of attempted possession of firearms and dangerous weapons in a federal facility.

Younggren is accused of trying to drive into the parking lot of the federal building around 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, claiming he was "a witness" who needed to enter the facility. Younggren then admitted to a security officer that he had a handgun and two rifles, according to the U.S. Attorney's Office.

Younggren was detained and investigators found two rifles, a 0.45-caliber semi-automatic firearm and about 565 rounds of ammunition in his vehicle. Younggren was wearing body armor with loaded magazines and knives attached, according to prosecutors.

According to the criminal complaint, Younggren later told Federal Protective Services officials he went to the Roybal building because he needed "protection," claiming he was a "confidential informant assigned to a confidential federal task force."

The misdemeanor charge carries a potential sentence of up to one year in federal prison.

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