Couple Finds Family of Snakes Under Their Bed

Elaphe quatuorlineata –  four-lined snake

Photo: Getty Images

Have you ever thought you saw a monster or a snake under your bed and it turns out to be a piece of fuzz? Well this Georgia woman thought she saw fuzz under her bed and it was not fuzz.

Trish Wilcher thought she saw a piece of fuzz under her bed and when she reached for it, it moved.

"And then seconds later another piece moved and I went to my husband, 'We have snakes! OK we have to turn the bedroom upside down...found 17 babies and the momma!' said Wilcher on Facebook.

According the The Huffington Post they had 18 snakes.

Her husband, Max Wilcher grabbed the snakes with a tool and put them in a linen bag. He then released them into the creek. A wildlife catcher said the snakes in their home were non-venomous garter snakes.

Snakes coming into people's home is actually pretty common. They come through small cracks or open spaces such as holes around pipes under sinks. Non-venomous snakes are safe to shoo outside using a broom and bucket. If you're unsure if a snake is venomous or non-venomous, be sure to call someone licensed to remove wildlife.

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