Santa Monica Is Asking Sheriff Villanueva To Help With Vagrant Problems

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Santa Monica is seeing more and more vagrant problems.

The city does not have vagrants living on the beach but rather in front of businesses and parking structures.

John Alle who owns and manages property in Santa Monica has been vocal about the rise in disgusting behavior on the Third Street Promenade and parking structures.

John told CBS2:

John Alle, along with other Promenade property and business owners, say they are not getting help from city officials so they’re turning to L.A. County Sheriff’s Department for answers.
“My goal is to have this return to Santa Monica’s living room. Right now, it’s a bathroom,” said property owner John Alle.
Alle owns three spaces along the Third Street Promenade, which he says are now struggling to keep the foot traffic flowing because of the homeless population.
“The urine, the defecation — no one should have to pass that,” he said. “The bottom line is there’s 65% vacancy and a lot of the stores you see here are month-to-month. It’s definitely keeping people away. The word spreads.”
Alle and others said they’ve reached out to several leaders, but to no avail.

John Alle told John & Ken that business owners in Santa Monica are asking Sheriff Villanueva for help because local city council members are not helping.

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