Woman Finds Her Missing Dog While Looking for New Pet.

In 2019 Aisha Nieves of Allentown, PA. lost her best fried two years ago, when a car crashed into her fence and Kovu escaped through the hole.

Kovu, a pit bull-rottweiler mix was picked up by Lehigh County Humane Society (LCHS), and treated, but by the time Aisha went to the shelter looking for Kovu...he had already been adopted.

However, after nearly two years the family who had adopted Kovu and renamed him "Ash" faced eviction due to the coronavirus pandemic and were forced to give Kovu back to the humane society.

Aisha was scrolling through the adoptable dogs on her local Humane Society and low and behold there was Kovu!!!

After submitting proof of ownership, Aisha was allowed to visit Ash / Kovu. She was nervous that Kovu would not remember her. See video and Kovu definitely remembered Aisha. Super touching reunion.

The humane society encourages all pet owners to tag, license or microchip their pets so in case they get lost, they can more easily get back home.

Kovu is home.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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