Cats Rescued From Locked Car in Sweltering Heat in Pasadena

Grumpy Himalayan Cat, close up

Photo: Getty Images

Quick work by Pasadena firefighters today apparently saved the lives of two cats locked in a car during sweltering heat by their drunk owner, according to a Pasadena Fire Department spokeswoman.

 Station37 and a rescue ambulance responded to a medical emergency call at the Hotel Le Reve at 3321 E. Colorado Blvd. at about 1:30 p.m., fire department spokeswoman Lisa Derderian told City News Service. Firefighters took the inebriated woman to a hospital, Derderian said. When they got there she told them that she couldn't remember where she left her cats, whether it was back in Santa Monica or in her car for several hours.

Firefighters managed to track down the woman's car, and when they gained entry they found two black cats breathing heavily. Once they were rescued, they were given water and monitored until city animal control officers came to take them.

The cats are now recovering, and it was unclear if the woman will face any legal consequences for leaving the animals in the hot car.  The temperature reached 92 degrees in Pasadena on Saturday.

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