Cop Arrests DoorDash Driver, Then Finishes Making Deliveries for Him

An Arkansas police officer -- who arrested a DoorDash driver during a recent traffic stop -- apparently didn't want the driver's undelivered food to go to waste... So he just delivered it himself.

Jonesboro, Arkansas Police Officer Tyler Williams, who arrested the deliveryman for driving on a suspended license, says he didn't realize there was an undelivered order in the vehicle until after he made the arrest. So he checked the recipient's address, grabbed the food and drove to the deliveryman's destination!

Photo: Cook, Morgan

Bodycam footage shows Williams knock on the door and ask for Sherri, the woman who placed the order.

"Your DoorDash guy got arrested, so I brought your food to you," Williams says in the clip.

"Y'all, I can't make this up... #ProtectandServe #andDoorDash," the department wrote in a Facebook post...

Department spokeswoman Rachel Anderson says while she's not 100 percent sure what the order entailed, she notes, "I believe it was Chinese food."

Read the full report ABC 10 San Diego.

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