Nude Lunatic Felon Runs Amok In Van Nuys After Burglary Botch

Meet convicted felon Gage Roth. This freak tried to break into a Van Nuys home and thankfully could not get in the house. The homeowners called LAPD and were told even though they had the video evidence of an attempted break-in, they could not arrest this idiot.

Just hours later, Gage Roth was arrested after being found nude in an apartment with 12-year-old twins inside. The twins' father got into a fight with this butt-naked asswipe and finally LAPD took him away.

But guess what? Thanks to the policies of Mayor Yoga Pants and George Gascon, Gage Roth only faces misdemeanor charges and will be back on the street at any moment.

From CBS2:

But one week after being arrested, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office said Roth would likely only face misdemeanor charges because there was not enough evidence to charge him with a felony.
According to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department jail records, Roth was arrested twice just days before the incident at the Hemingway’s home. He was first arrested on June 3 on suspicion of violating probation and again on June 16 on suspicion of brandishing a weapon.
Records show that Roth has been arrested a total of five times for burglary since 2019 and even served a short prison sentence in 2019 after breaking into a vehicle.

John & Ken talked to Van Nuys homeowner Robert Hemingway who was kind enough to tell his first person account of this incident and why he feels unsafe about this lunatic's impending release.

pic courtesy of Robert Hemingway

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