Homeless Industrial Complex Explained

John & Ken have been talking about the "Homeless Industrial Complex" for quite some time. Sheriff Alex Villanueva has been keen to call out these tax-takers as well.

These are so called "homeless advocate" organizations that have been taking millions of our tax dollars only to make the problem worse.

Reason.com put out this fantastic piece that details how and why no matter how much money these elected hacks suck from us, the "Homeless Industrial Complex" just keeps growing with no real success.

From Reason:

Five years after Los Angeles voters approved a $1.2 billion bond measure and a countywide sales tax hike to raise another estimated $355 million annually to solve its homelessness problem, there are more people living and dying on the streets than ever before.
Many of these men and women are both frequent targets and perpetrators of violence.
Mayor Eric Garcetti (D), who did not respond to our interview request, has partially blamed this failure on the pandemic, which slowed new housing construction and limited shelter capacity. It's true that COVID caused a surge in homelessness, but the city's plan was already failing.
The centerpiece of L.A.'s plan was to spend the $1.2 billion raised through Proposition HHH to build 10,000 supportive housing units over a decade. Even if the government were able to pull that off, it would merely put a dent in the problem in a city where more than 30,000 people are living on the streets and sidewalks according to the 2020 homelessness count.

John & Ken spoke with frustrated Santa Monica City Councilmember Phil Brock who told John & Ken about how a homeless thug attempted to sexually assault a woman in a parking structure and took off with the couple's SUV before crashing. By the way, the suspect is from Texas....

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