Walking Man Now Biking Man, Thanks To Some Generous Strangers

You might be dedicated to your job, but not as much as Donte Franklin.

He left for his shift three hours early, walking 8 miles each way to and from his job as a restaurant cook.

One day, Michael Lynn was driving around doing errands, and saw Donte trudging along in the sweltering heat. A bit later, he saw him still walking, so he offered him a ride.

After learning about Donte’s almost 17 mile round trip on foot, Lynn posted on Facebook. Immediately the story was shared hundreds of times, leading a local charity giving Donte a bike, and a Go Fund Me raising over $50,000 to help him out.

Right now, Donte doesn’t have a driver’s license, but he’ll be able to get a car as soon as he can drive, and continue helping his family, thanks to the kindness of all those strangers.

The money will also help him pursue his training to become a welder.

He says he owes his work ethic to his Mom, who passed away a few years ago.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

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