Councilwoman Raman Seeks Increase in Storage Access, Sanitation


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LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Los Angeles City Councilwoman Nithya Raman introduced two motions today in an effort to have the city meet its unhoused population's sanitation and storage needs.

One motion, if adopted by the City Council, would direct a report from the City Administrative Officer within 60 days on a plan for the funding and establishment of an initial five facilities that will provide storage for homeless residents in key locations throughout the city.

“Too often the inability for homeless residents to secure their possessions proves to be a major barrier to leaving a tent or encampment,'' Raman said.

“As a result, many are discouraged from seeking work, making appointments to see case managers, or moving elsewhere even if a location has become hazardous.''

The second motion would request the Bureau of Sanitation lay out the resources required to place and regularly service trash receptacles at all of the city's encampments.

“As our city develops sufficient housing and treatment resources to bring people into stability and care, we have an obligation to provide regular services that will improve conditions for all,'' Raman said.

“These two motions combined serve as immediate steps to creating a safer, healthier city for all Angelenos as we move forward on the path to permanent housing solutions.''

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